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Our Elvis Band....Joey Pucci and The American Longboards

As many as you know after each event we sit down and discuss how we can improve as we go foward. We have hired Joey Pucci and The American Longboards Band for our April 2013 Ultimate Elvis Contest. They will be performing Saturday afternoon for Round Two of the contest with all of the ETAs, Jim Barone's headliner show, and Sunday for the finals.

On Saturday November 10th,  we traveled to Carlisle, PA to hear Joey Pucci and his band perform at an Elvis concert. They were execellent in every respect. They did not miss a beat or a note. The audience loved them, we loved them, so we hired them for our Ultimate Elvis Contest and Show.

For those of you who are not familiar with Joey Pucci, let me fill you in. Joey has toured for several years with the world famous Jordanires, the vocal group that sang behind the King himself, Elvis Presley. He also played with Patsy Kline, Roy Orbinson, Ricky Nelson, and many others. Joey has been the house drummer at the Gatlin Brothers Theatre in South Carolina. He has played at the Tropicana, Clairage, and the Taj Mahal Casino's in Atlantic City. He has also performed for casino's in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Chicago, and countless other locations.

I can go on and on here but I am sure you get the idea. The band, including the two female vocal back-up singers are excellent. We are extremely proud to have them working with us. You have got to hear these guys in person as we did. You will be in for a real treat. Joey Pucci's website: